From the nanoworld to the universe — The worlds we measure using our infinite yardstick.

We are able to view all entities, from the microworld to the universe, from a single perspective. By setting them up against a scale, we are able to compare and understand things which cannot be physically compared.

Today, using the electron microscope and astronomical telescope, we can see the objects which we have not been aware of its existence before. Are you able to fathom, or even roughly grasp, these sizes?

See Universcale and experience the sizes of various objects


It’s easiest to understand scale when we can examine things by merely looking at them. The iPhone is smaller than a breadbox and an SUV is larger than a bicycle. When it’s difficult to compare by sight, measurements help us out so we can agree that the blue ribbon pumpkin at the fair is the one that weighs the most.

But what about the far ends of the scale ? It’s not a simple task to imagine how many times bigger an apple is than a proton. Or how many times smaller a Tyrannosaurus rex was than the Milky Way. Or how about how many times larger a sequoia is than an amino acid ?

This lavishly designed Flash site by Nikon Corp helps us put it all in perspective, and makes us feel, well, smal



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