The Thin Line

As indicated in my previous post, continuing by reproducing another gem by Max Babi. with his own brief commenatry.

Mareez: poet, writer of beautiful ghazals, lover of alcohol; a man who courts any muse visible to him; a man reduced to selling his poetry to businessmen who pass it off as their own- MAREEZ is a fantasia on the theme of poetic improvisation. Mareez is unique in Gujarati Literature. In the artificial split between high culture and pop culture, Mareez makes his appearance like a colossus. As all creative geniuses do, Mareez completely redefined the ground rules of shayri, a genre made famous by Urdu ghazalkars.

A thin line

separates genius from insanity
droll reality from celestial visions
bothersome do’s and don’ts from driven passion
often poets must live like Gulliver lying helpless
on hot sands of reality, whilst Lilliputians pompously
annunciate their astonishingly hollow rules.
Giants must die thirsting, hungry and frustrated…

(c) Max Babi

I have always believed, thought the poets and playwrights, thinkers and seers may make good leaders, they are not usually appreciated by the man on the streets. History of mankind will bear this out.

Sadly our history has been stuck somewhere in the prehistoric cavemen period. The driving factor is fear. The most sophisticated scientist in US is as afraid of faceless formless terrorist as is the most primitive tribal afraid of faceless formless beings that look like constellations in a dark sky… have we progressed at all ?

Thus the best ruler for the common man is one who ensures peace and safety or security…. where are we headed? I think you should read The History of Civilisation by Will and Ariel Durant -makes very depressing sort of reading. Battles wars wars and wars… we are still where we ever when time began. Pl read Schopenhauer and Nitzsche too -they will have the same effect too. The truth remains truth.

– Max Babi


1 Response to “The Thin Line”

  1. 1 Nimesh Dadia
    September 28, 2007 at 11:10 am

    Dear LAo Aju

    THank you Lao Aju for bringing our Gulliver’s poetries. Where Max Guruji. Why is he allowing the Liliputians to trod over him.

    Xiao Nimesh

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