Revelation of Space

Continuing from my previous post, I present another poem by physicist Dr. John Archibald Wheeler.

New York Times article By Dennis Overbye “Peering Through the Gates of Time” enlightens :
Dr. Wheeler helped explain nuclear fission with Bohr, argued quantum theory with Einstein, helped build the atomic and hydrogen bombs and pioneered the study of what he later dubbed black holes. Along the way, he indulged his taste for fireworks and mischief and became the hippest poet physicist of his generation, using metaphor as effectively as calculus to capture the imaginations of his students and colleagues and to send them, minds blazing, to the barricades to confront nature.


Oh event,
Sparkling grain of sand
On the fabric of existence,
Oh interval,
Gossamer tie
Between event and event,
You tear away the clouds
Of “absolute space” and “absolute time”
And reveal to us spacetime-
Spacetime as doorway,
Doorway during traveller,
To the enormity
Of space and time
Open to our visitation.

© John Archibald Wheeler : Born 1911


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